NADJA | Nadja Kiess
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Nadja Kiess

Nadja kiess is a german fashion designer based in Duesseldorf. She was born in Muelheim in 1994 and left it after finishing school in 2012. She started studying fashion design at the Academy for Fashion & Design in Duesseldorf when she was only seventeen. Her passion for art and fashion started in her early years because she always loved the idea to make her favorite activity, drawing, to her profession.

To see all the different colors and structures of each country in the world is the biggest inspiration for creating fashion.

In October 2016 she started creating her own fashion label NADJA by Nadja Kiess, although she is just 22 years old. From childhood doing fashion design was her biggest dream, although her family has a company for machine constructions in their possession since two generations in Muelheim (Ruhr). During her study of fashion design she worked at the fashion label of the Olsen twins THE ROW in New York City. In 2016 she was in the finale of the ISKO I-Skool Denim Design Award.

Internship at Barbara Schwarzer, Düsseldorf

AMD Academy of Fashion & Design, Düsseldorf

Internship at The Row, New York City

Marketing director at KIESS GmbH & Co. KG

Fashion Label NADJA by Nadja Kiess